4 Color Trends for Granite Bathroom Countertops

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When homeowners want to add their own style and modern trends to their bathrooms, choosing a color for their granite is often at the top of their list. Here’s a look at four color trends in granite bathroom countertops.

4 Color Trends for Granite Bathroom Countertops

  1. Countertops Made of White Stone- White granite countertops are versatile and go with any cabinets, bathroom tiles, and other design elements. The depth and patterns in granite slabs make them more interesting to look at.
  1. Beige Varieties- Beige granite isn’t boring at all; it gives bathrooms a touch of welcoming warmth. It goes well with any shade of wood, from light blonde to dark mahogany. Beige granite bathroom countertops are a more traditional choice that match well with white or dark cabinetry.
  1. For a Bold Statement, Go Black- If you want to make a strong statement, black granite is a great choice. It goes well with dark cabinets and stands out against whites or grays that are bright. Black granite bathroom countertops are perfect for masculine bathrooms or classic black-and-white designs.
  1. Stay Away From Gray- Gray countertops are dated, as far as home décor trends go. That said, if you absolutely have your heart set on gray, go for it. Trends come and go, after all. We have plenty of options and will deliver what you are looking for.

Granite bathroom countertops come in a wide range of colors to suit different tastes. Whether you want a calm spa-like atmosphere or a bold statement piece, there is a granite color that will make your bathroom look better.