Common Mistakes When Installing Kitchen Backsplashes

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Kitchen backsplashes protect your walls while adding visual interest, but many homeowners underestimate the intricacies of their installation.

Common Mistakes When Installing Kitchen Backsplashes

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the common mistakes that often result in amateurish backsplashes.

  • Choosing the Wrong Design/Pattern. Your backsplash should complement your kitchen, not stick out like a sore thumb. An overly busy or vibrant pattern can overwhelm a small space or clash with your décor. On the flip side, choosing a bland, monotonous backsplash tile defeats the purpose of installing one in the first place. You should take your time selecting a backsplash design that enhances your kitchen with just the right pop of color, texture, or shape.
  • Poor Placement. As a rule of thumb, kitchen backsplashes should span the entire distance between obstacles like cabinets and countertops. They should also be installed where their protective purpose can be seen, like above sinks or prep areas prone to splatters and spills. Failing to cover these functional zones interrupts the flow and exposes your walls to staining.
  • Poor Grouting. Equally important as choosing the tile itself is proper grouting. Sloppy, uneven grout lines can make your kitchen backsplash look sloppy. Ensure you apply grout smoothly and seal it properly so that it does not stain.
  • Not Trusting a Professional. Attempting intricate cuts or patterns when you don’t have the proper tools or experience often ends badly. Know your limits, and don’t be afraid to call in a pro tiler to manage this critical kitchen remodeling project. Their expertise means they will be less likely to make amateur mistakes.

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