Four Signs That You Need New Kitchen Cabinets

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As much as we would like to enjoy their permanence, kitchen cabinets aren’t meant to last forever. They take a beating from daily use, exposure to grease and moisture, and more. So, when the time comes to say goodbye to your old, worn-out cabinets, it’s likely not worth trying to eke out a little more life from them.

Four Signs That You Need New Kitchen Cabinets

Here are four telling signs that indicate it’s time to upgrade your kitchen cabinets:

  1. They Are Displaying Excessive Wear and Tear. If your kitchen cabinets are peeling at the edges, cracked, or have doors that won’t close properly, they’ve probably succumbed to heavy use over the years. Excessive wear makes them an eyesore and reduces their functionality. This level of damage is a sure sign it’s time for replacement.
  2. They Look Outdated. Kitchen cabinet styles go in and out of fashion over the decades. If you still have 1970s-era wood panels or 1980s country-style cabinets, they probably scream dated next to your modern kitchen appliances and décor.
  3. They Seem Out of Place. Maybe you’ve recently remodeled other aspects of your kitchen, like the countertops or backsplash. Now, your old kitchen cabinets are starting to look glaringly out of sync with the updated finishes. Replacing them will help your whole kitchen look cohesive.
  4. You’re Out of Storage Space. If your cabinets are constantly jam-packed and you’re short on storage no matter how organized you get, newer cabinets can provide more usable space with slide-out shelves and other storage solutions.

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